Micropoetry of the Week ( Rough Drafts and future potential)




You were the first
To sprout,
To break out
Among the stones
And blossom
Despite these conditions.


I wanted to grow up
Good. But I inherited
My father’s shadow—the one
Jung talked about,
So it would all go downhill
From here.


Today just isn’t easy
For an introvert behind the counter,
And the public’s tiny
Questions sound the way
A mosquito bite feels


Today just isn’t easy,
When the tongue
Weighs a heavy ton,
And the body must move
While carrying the rock


It was gradual,
But she felt the change
In him. And at first it seemed
Ugly because she wouldn’t
Accept it. And also, it was truth.


The line that divides them
Was growing. The crack
In the facade was threatening
To tear the house apart,
Expose shattered bodies


You read once,
That the only reason
I splurged was to forget
About you,
The accident,
The surgeries.
I denied it, so I wouldn’t
Have to say I’m sorry.


After breaking news,
She says not to worry.
In sickness and health,
War and peace,
With troublemakers in between,
We seem
To outlast every challenge.


I wish
I was never afraid
And my voice didn’t
Tremble as if a cold
Chill owns it. But diagnosis
Already made a decision.


I was never afraid
Of rejection. I wait for it.
But when you eagerly
Invite me, it’s like
An ancient machine in
My hand: what to do with this?


To kiss a friend
Is not quite chaste
But not foreplay
To another tired hookup
Either. Wedged between
Them is that love we only
Understand through touch.


Note: You may see some of these lines again in future works. Some micropoems are simply teasers, a work in progress and the potential beginning to something bigger–a full length poem. Meanwhile, other micropoems, satisfied with their brief existence, may begin and end as is. 



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