Whiskey Love (First Love Poem)


And I tell you again, as
A lover must repeat words
We feel are a sacred scripture:
Your embrace engulfs me
At the first


Those rough hands deliver
A burning
that never
Pulls punches
but tests my strength, and reminds
Me of what they call
“a man’s drink”

(and, yes, you’re all man).

Then you kiss me.
And it hits me so hard
I get lightheaded. I forget about
The meat thawing in the sink
Or our overtime entry-level
Peanuts as I sink down onto
the carpet, dig my knees into your

I am sleepy.

I can throw away the manuals
And pills that promise steady
Breathing. Because I have you.

I have your whisky touch.

Note: I wrote this for my husband one week before our wedding day (which took place July 2015). This is also a special month for us; we’ve been married for a year and a half, but January 24 marked 9 years since our first date. 

Photo by Lalesh Aldarwish


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