Poem/prose: This is New Orleans, These are the Survivors



This poetic muse is familiar

with state of emergencies, splintered oak trees

blocking roads, downed power lines that

leave us in the dark about our loved ones for hours.

But there’s dry humor, swapped

war stories, “we’re still standing,”

to weather tornado warnings and  sort

through the wreckage. We hug neighbors

(once strangers) before their wind ravaged house

(“let me hold your hands and pray with you”),

watch laughing children turn a flooded street into  a splashing

wading pool.

The Cajun Navy meet up with their boats before the National Guard

to save their Louisiana brothers and sisters, and old ladies

with culinary wisdom stir comfort onto plates in parking lots for the dazed.

We met another storm and we are bruised, but never  broken.

Because this home, this is life, this is where we survive.

Note: Written in response to today’s extreme weather. At least 7 (maybe more) confirmed tornadoes touched down in New Orleans today. Through adversity, and the numerous storms we’ve been through throughout the years, I always see survivors, resilience, and even defiance in the face of disaster in my city.

To get a taste of what happened this morning, here’s a link of the video from WWLTV, posted by Sam Girault  http://www.wwltv.com/news/local/viewer-video-captures-no-east-tornado/402450841

This is a rough draft–if I decide to work on it further. For now, a tribute, and poetic commentary


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    • Thanks. You tend to see and experience a lot down here with the weather and it becomes a way of life. Though there was some damage, no one was killed or seriously hurt,

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