Missing Legends (Rough Draft)



Sometimes I think about

my godfather and how I miss

him. But the only memories

I can remember is of him putting 100

dollar bills in my 3 year old hands

because the 1990s economy was good

to him and he was very flashy

(and according to my mom, annoying.

But with good intentions.)


Have you seen him? I haven’t. Hard times

hit and he was supposed to report to court the week

Hurricane Katrina touched down, but ended up

as a character in a  too-bizarre-to-be-true

tale (even for the circumstances of the time)

that ended with “he fell out of a rescue boat

and drowned.” It was a coincidence,

so no one believed it (naturally, no one believes him.



Most likely, he is the first person to benefit

from a natural disaster. Evading law, he is living

under another name in Mississippi to escape

his earlier mistakes and start a new life…

we think. When people say it, it starts with

“A friend of a friend told me…” or

“I heard from someone…”


He was the (most) stable connection

to my father. We think he’s alive.

I haven’t heard from him since I was 16,

so he is now a legend. That, at least, is true.

Nowadays, younger children only know him

as a myth from far, far away, when we

speak of him as tall tales and eccentric habits:

the only item he left behind.


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