Poem: I’ll Just Feel This Way for Every President (Rough Draft)



In Louisiana history class,

we learned how one governor

was too distracted by liquor,


and hospitals stays for “rest”.

Or how he screamed not to vote

for an opponent because “he



Or, how my parents before me

had to vote for the crook, because

Grand Wizards can be governors too.

(Then they both ended up in prison).


Or, you can still find bullet holes

in the granite column of the state capitol,

reminding you of the Kingfish, his shadow

of corruption, then his downfall…


We were barely teenagers, but knew

that our politics were always

kind of swampy, made of mud

thicker than what’s found in the floods

they watch us drown in.


It’s said  we  like our politics

and rice

really dirty. But we’re just used to it.

That may be why we tend

to be cynical,

and a little snarky

on every Inauguration Day.






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