Love on the Road


monument-valley-4092_640 - Copy

Perhaps, if there is reincarnation,

it could have been 1975

the last time we were alive,

wandering the Arizona desert

ready to discover what’s bigger

and beyond the swamp jungle

I grow up in today.


We were young and learning, but

I explained that we must never try

to escape the era of “why”. You laughed

as I  grabbed handfuls of sand,

dry and untouched

by humidity, along the side of the road,

watching me high from just being

a stranger to a cactus.


So in the past,

we probably sat on the hood of our car

because I wanted to gaze at the sunset

peak at us behind an orange plateau

thinking aloud about how and when it emerged

and what took us so long to find the new world,

the life they pass by with a glance.


Finally, hopping off the car, we concluded

it’s nothing but God,

God who asked us to preserve it all

with our power and you watched

as I started to believe again

as we drove away.


Today, we never visited.

But I want to believe with you again so badly,

amid the bad news in human nature.




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