Monthly Archives: May 2017

The First Deep Friendships



One day, I met other people

and all we did was talk about

common interests all night.


But I noticed a difference

in you. And how our

conversations seemed shorter,

even beneath the surface.


And I’m no longer interested

in going backwards into you.


Fear of Flying



Wide-eyed, deep breathing

in 45 degree angle ascent

through the clouds.


Knuckles whitened into seat

with the ready, set, go position

past the starting line.



level off to the rhythm

of the death trap and its engine.


Head above the foamy

white sea. Its vastness interrupts

phobia at the window seat.


Sailing across the booming frontier

(not the last) on a soft hum,

I barely flutter to new phases.

Women Before (Work in Progress, Micropoetry)



Shifting gears won’t be easy–

but necessary. Before liberation,

my mother,

and the mother before her

moved down roads

with nothing more

than a smirk and a permanent

wrinkle from determination.

So would I.

Note: Happy Mother’s Day!