Sensual Lovers (Work in Progress)



To simply kiss you

is not a consolation prize.

They’ll say “just a kiss,” while the taste of you

gives me wine long after




Ignore, as our bare skin raises warmth

under everyone’s collar, when

I only want to feel the


soft spot


on your waist as we sit close on the love seat.

Walk away, as they assume all or nothing,

when I lean forward to press


lips on lips.


In truth, this is not quite chaste, not

foreplay to another tired hookup either,

but wedged between,

a love we only hear through




Talk to me

about today’s taboo

as I circle your middle with my arms,




until we’re drowsy, resting your

head on my shoulders. Wipe out

the seriousness; laugh. Joke with a dirty smile.

Abandon performance, share

the naked truth. Give me your deepest fantasies,



go deeper.


Get closer until we seal the gap between

our flesh; before you go, I want to kiss

you like a sacrifice,  then hold you longer.


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