Off Script



Single out and follow the clicks of my high heel boots,

a glimpse of androgynous chic among the crowd.

Catch me by the elbow, but I’m going to need

you to stand at the end of arm’s length, where the palm rests

on your shoulder to balance the surprise.

I don’t mind your company; just your interpretation.

Sure, walk with me, but hurry while I’m late.


“Get under my umbrella–don’t you feel the warning?”


Wrapping a silk scarf around my neck adds spice to a blank outfit;

that’s you when we chat and you smile under the shower until,

Well, this is my stop.  Parting words, but imagine we match

like the missing  shoe I found this morning.


A tweed blazer attracts no one, even with a mini skirt–except

people watchers and you, because even you said

you’re kind of hard-headed. It explains the umpteenth time

you’ll conjure some sultry episode even if I say I’m not wired

for hook-ups or, honestly, any heavy rhythm against another.


I’m thinking, because I care, that you should

say good-bye. Just be gentle.

But you’re still gonna call back and open

doors for me tomorrow. You just don’t budge.


So, what to do with you when you decide to go off script?





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