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Phobia (micropoetry)



I was just minding my own

business. Then my brain

tapped me on the shoulder one day:

“See that? Obsess over it”


“You just gotta.”


Social Anxiety (part III)



Thank you for the invitation.

But I must be leaving early.

They noticed the cracks

in my head the second I entered

the room. And you can do better

than a burden.

Curve in the Road



Once, my father won the rat race

and then it wasn’t worth it.


Cause life was going the way he planned

until the man hit him on a dead man’s

curve. He broke his legs, but lost his

mind the most (though, denied it).

Suddenly there wasn’t

a plan, just a lot of twists like the country

roads ahead. From his wheelchair, he threw

a mouthful

a fistful

of revenge to anyone close by.

Life needed to be punished, after all.


I was close by.

And I’ve been weird like this ever since.

Better on Paper.



Thoughts before I speak

are hands rearranging letters on the Scrabble

board until it finds coherence.

I open my mouth and all that spills is

static, voices under water,

an awkward pose,

unkempt hair and dirt under my fingernails.

But sometimes it lands on paper,

in high definition.


as if you’re reading through a picture window

or most likely,  someone else.

Obsessive Compulsive (Revisions)



Preventing a car accident is easy:


Be sure to wipe your hands on your jeans

before touching the steering wheel.

Set the radio’s volume to an even number.

Turn on the CD player. Keep

“Hell’s Bells”

on repeat while on the bridge or interstate.

Count to ten.

(Repeat when necessary).

Keep gum in the cup holder for good luck

good behavior,

good outcome,

but don’t touch it until you’re safe at home again.


-None of this makes sense.

-No. But it’s been working. So just in case….