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Divorce Child



The child changed after dissolution–
too much like the mother, too
much like the father, but hardly
enough for either. After all, he was
the closest body to their biggest mistake.
Their baggage weighed a ton each.
They unloaded item after item
until he swallowed it whole, leaving
no room for much else. Last I heard,
the malnutrition stunted the size of him


Broken (Rough Draft)



After the fight

she heard you while you

thought she was sleeping.

The next morning, she found

a broken bottle,

a smashed chair,

last night’s echoes,

and no longer surprised she was left

behind to sweep the aftermath alone.

She’ll deal with your wreckage

later, maybe even throw away anything

that ignites your image,

then reinvent a new home for herself.

But, tomorrow.

She’s still listening

to last night,  and coping with

the aftershock of your absence.