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Divorce Child



The child changed after dissolution–
too much like the mother, too
much like the father, but hardly
enough for either. After all, he was
the closest body to their biggest mistake.
Their baggage weighed a ton each.
They unloaded item after item
until he swallowed it whole, leaving
no room for much else. Last I heard,
the malnutrition stunted the size of him





Today, lethal injection.
Tomorrow, he’ll turn fourteen.
Neighbors, still throwing leftovers
from the verdict, will study the downcast
scowl and fleshy pout to deduce, “He’ll
be just like his thug father, just look
at him.” So in five years, at his
own trial,
they could nudge the other’s rib:
“See? Told you so”

Platonic Love



I want to find

your favorite

bouquet of flowers,


place it before you

on the coffee table,

watch you smile,


watch them wilt


ashamed of standing


next to your beauty,

and endurance

compared to their petals


and even then,

that’s not enough

love I can give .